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of the National Library of Ukraine for Children


For the third year in a row, the library's English language studio English with no limits has been operating twice a week. Despite all the challenges of today, the studio continues its fruitful activity.

This year, classes in the studio have slightly changed their format. The first differences in the format of the meetings concerned the video reviews. This year, watching movies in the original language without subtitles has started! This will enable the participants to listen to the information in English.


As it turned out, watching movies in the original language without subtitles is much more difficult, but at the same time it is more interesting! Participants began to listen to films more, try to understand them and translate the main essence of what was said. Video screenings are held every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. on the Zoom platform.


Classes on Thursday, dedicated to improving reading and learning new vocabulary and grammar, are extremely helpful in practicing correct pronunciation, which is extremely important for learning English. During these classes, we analyze English colloquialisms, each of which teaches how to pronounce individual sounds correctly. Also, studio participants enjoy reading new books, learning about interesting highlights of different countries and discovering the bright world of the English language for themselves! Every Thursday at 16:00 on the Zoom platform you can learn a lot of new, interesting and useful things!

We are waiting for everyone who wants to attend our classes! Registration via the link: