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Charitable Foundation for development
of the National Library of Ukraine for Children


Welcome to the robotics training course for children aged 6 to 10! This course is designed specifically to learn how to build robots with LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 and program them to perform various tasks.

During the course, children will learn the basics of robotics and programming, assemble and program their own robots, and complete interesting tasks that will help develop their creative and analytical skills.


The LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 builder allows you to create a variety of products, from simple machines to complex robots, and program them to perform various actions. Children will be able to use this designer to create different types of robots that will perform tasks: lifting loads, moving along lines, and many others.

Our knowledgeable trainers have experience working with children and know how to make the course interesting and understandable for each child. They conduct classes in groups, where children communicate and help each other in solving problems.

If your child loves LEGO and is interested in robotics, this course will be a great choice for them. The child will be able to develop his technical and programming skills, as well as deepen his knowledge of robotics and mechanics. Don't miss your chance to join the robotics course, register your child for classes right now by scanning this QR code!