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Every October, the Meet and Code initiative invites children to the world of programming and coding.

And this year was no exception, despite its difficulty for Ukrainian children and the entire society in connection with the war.

For the fifth time, the NBU Development Charitable Fund for Children is participating in the Meet and Code initiative to demonstrate to children and teenagers how, with the help of programming, IT technologies, robotics, you can implement and develop the most daring creative ideas and draw attention to the advantages of digital environment.

Participants completed online registration by filling out a Google form and took part in three events held on the Zoom platform as part of the Meet and Code initiative with the support of the GURT Resource Center in cooperation with the organizations TechSoup, Haus des Stiftens and SAP (System Analysis and Program Development ). In the mini-course "If Girls Ruled the Internet", the main goal of which is to learn how to create safe interactive Internet resources, the participants mastered the practical skills of using WordArt and Rebus1 programs and created resources in the form of clouds, puzzles, and interactive exercises. The girls posted their own designs on an interactive whiteboard "If girls ruled the Internet", where all the materials discussed during the course were collected and presented, their further possible use for the creation of cognitive, educational, developmental and entertainment resources. The participation of girls in this course motivates them to achieve good results and self-realization in the IT world. The main goal of the course is to learn how to create safe interactive Internet resources.





The second online mini-course "Useful skills for quality content" gave children knowledge about the graphic design service - the Canva platform, taught them in practical online classes how to create their own interesting posters, images, presentations, advertisements, GIF animations, videos and logos for personal content The course participants learned about the advantages and disadvantages of the Canva web application for design, gained knowledge about HardSkills and SoftSkills, and gained practical skills with pleasure.




The third online training course on robotics "Logistics through the eyes of children" brought together robotics and research enthusiasts. During three classes, the children explored the topic of cargo transportation, the rules of distribution and sorting of cargo, and delivery. On the example of built thematic LEGO models, course participants learned the basics of modeling and programming using the LEGO EducationWeDo 2.0 constructor. Children created their own helper robots and shared their superpowers.

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Involvement of children in Meet and Code initiatives is a great opportunity to reveal their creative potential, interest in learning computer technologies and advanced practices in the innovative field of programming. Participation in events encourages participants to choose a profession related to IT technologies in the future.